Hello everyone! Minutop Owning hosting is the first step on the road to becoming Bloggers. Currently, there are many domestic and foreign hosting providers. The question is, is it difficult to use hosting from a foreign company? Let's shed some light through the detailed review of hosting ARMADA (hostArmada) below!
First of all, I would like to remind you that I just started a Blog start-up at the end of March, so I will share my feelings after 2 months of use. If there is anything deeper, you can learn more or chat directly with hostARMADA. Another note is that the article is only referring to foreign hosting, so if you are interested in hosting in Vietnam, you can search online. For convenience, this article will be presented in the form of a question. answer Q&A. And now let's go!
Where is HostARMADA a hosting provider?
Armada is a company specializing in providing high-quality hosting based in the United States. However, the company has data centers all over the world such as the US, Canada, Europe, India and the closest to us is Singapore.
Is ARMADA hosting easy to use for new bloggers?
Yep, compared to other foreign providers like Bluehost, Digital Ocean or Vultur, ARMADA is considered very easy to use for beginner bloggers.
Buying hostARMADA is difficult? – review and review in detail hosting Armada (hostArmada)
In the era of 4.0 and e-commerce development as it is today, with just a visa/master card, you can easily buy ARMADA hosting within a single note! You can immediately visit the following link for more details: >> https://bit.ly/3IaK6fz
Is it mandatory to buy a domain name with ARMADA's host?
You can buy a domain name from another registrar and install it on ARMADA. But ARMADA has a policy of giving away a domain name for the first year when you buy a host. So if you are not familiar with domain name transfer and want to save on initial costs, you should always buy ARMADA's domain name!
Access speed of ARMADA? – review and review in detail hosting Armada (hostArmada)
Speed ​​is a factor that affects your website's SEO ranking on google. HostARMADA has no bandwidth limit, the server has up to 4 cores, 4GB of RAM, so the speed is fast and stable. One note is that the closer you choose the data center, the faster the loading speed will be. As I am choosing a data center in Singapore, the page load speed is very stable. There is also the unintended risk of sharks biting the cable and slowing international transmissions. So this is also something worth noting.
How to Back-up data?
ARMADA supports at least 7 days back-up data for users. In which the Web Warp package I am using supports up to 14 days.
How is the security of hostARMADA?
Currently, ARMADA is still providing free SSL security for customers. So you can rest assured with the qualifications of software engineers from the US!
When having problems, how to contact support? 
This makes you feel secure because hostARMADA has a 24/7/365 technical support team. So if you have any problems, you can email or chat directly with them, ARMADA technical support is very instant!
Above is my detailed review of hosting ARMADA (hostArmada). It can be said that this host has a lot of advantages, but please pay attention to the parts you highlighted in red, because these are the things you need to pay special attention to when making a decision.


Review Detailed Armada hosting
Review Detailed Armada hosting

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